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Gary, Thank you for your very good service.  Han Lu

It took me 2 years to find someone to do my landscaping.  I was about to give up, when I came across G & S Landscaping and Snow Removal Services on Kijiji.  My luck had finally turned for the better when I found them.  The job they did was absolutely fantastic; I couldn't have picked a better company to work on my front lawn.  Not only was my lawn beautifully done, the service I received went beyond anything I would have thought.  Bob and his workers were on time, respectful, and worked very hard to create a lawn that I can now be proud of and look at.  The job was done in one day but Bob, the head landscaper, took it upon himself to come back a couple of times to see that everything met up to my standards, and it did! G & S Landscaping with Gary, Bob and his crew is a company I would use again.  I have nothing but praise for this company and would recommend them to anyone. Lili.

"Trying to find a snow removal company that is not only affordable but reliable in Edmonton can be extremely challenging. I thought I was in big trouble; especially trying to get it set up a few weeks into the season. And then I called G&S.

My reliability concerns were immediately put to rest when one of the owners personally guaranteed the work would be done even if he had to do it himself. Not many companies would have the guts to say that. And sure enough, within a few hours of a snow fall, a G&S truck would show up and do what they said they would do and for a lot less than what we expected to pay after hiring them on short notice and on contract. That level of service is easily worth two if not three times what they charged.

I've recommended G&S Snow Removal Services to my employer and will be the one I recommend when asked by friends and family. Thanks G&S!"

Michael Wilts & Jen Marr - Edmonton

We Also Offer Commercial & Residential Snow Removal Services

We truly take pride in providing our valued commercial & residential customers with the best possible service in Edmonton and area.  We strive to be the best there is out there through quality control and fairness to not only our valued customers but the personnel that work with our company.  We have found that this business model makes sense resulting in happy and truly satisfied repeat and referral customers as well as, motivated personnel that are happy to be working with us which reflects in their quality work.  At the end of the day all this = success for everyone! 

At G & S we value your business and look forward in providing you with our quality services no matter how big or small the job is!  We are licensed, insured and bonded.   We also provide quality control for customers. It doesn't cost more to deal with the experts in fact it cost less in the long run!

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 Special Offer

Snow Removal Special Offer Commercial & Residential Properties: 

Don't waist time getting estimates.  Let us know what you need done and let us know what your budget is and we will let you know if we can do what you need within your budget.  (9 times out of 10 we can).  "It doesn't cost more to hire the best" G & S Snow Removal Services!

Contact our team today and see what we can do for you!

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